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‘Land of Secrets’ is Max’s first solo album and features Martin Ditcham on drums and percussion, Robert Ahwai on guitar, Sylvin Marc on bass, long time Ronnie Scott sideman Dick Pearce on flugelhorn/trumpet along with  Maiuko and Maquenzie on backing vocals.

”This is an ultra-fine piece of smooth jazz style work with an international flavour. Highly enjoyable rhythms under expert keyboarding along with very subtle vocalisations make this CD the perfect soundtrack for viewing a spectacular summer sunset." - CD Baby purchaser review

 'One Thousand Sails' continues the journey started by Max's highly acclaimed first album 'Land of Secrets'.  Featuring contributions by Robert Ahwai, Martin Ditcham, Sylvin Marc and Maiuko it represents a move towards a more organic and often retro blend of styles. 

“Finding this after so many years is like stumbling across a buried treasure. It doesn't get any better than this." - CD Baby purchaser review

Following in the footsteps of two acclaimed albums, 'Two Cranes' adds a further dimension and depth to Max's composing skills and playing style.

The album takes one on an intriguing musical voyage combining classical nuances with his inimitable Rhodes keyboard style.  Chill-out vibes, driving rhythms and cinematic soundscapes make this his best album to date.

"In 1977 my brother and I requested the talents of the mercurial Max. Fortunately our requests were granted. The man is a musical genius and this album provides further evidence of his multifaceted musicianship. It drips with taste. Nothing more I can say but buy it and find out for yourself." - Amazon purchaser review

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